Dental Cleanings in Frisco, TX

Prosper & Smile Dental Care Is on Top of Dental Cleanings in Frisco, TX

Are you looking for dental cleanings near me? If you are in the greater Frisco area, Prosper & Smile Dental Care is your answer. Dental cleanings are the essential service everyone needs to keep their teeth looking and feeling their best. At Prosper & Smile Dental Care, we are passionate about making sure that your teeth stay healthy.

How Often Should You Go for Dental Cleanings?

As a basic rule, the American Dental Association and most dental professionals recommend that adults and children go for dental cleaning and exams every six months.

Patients with a higher risk of tooth decay or periodontal disease may need more frequent visits. Keeping your cleanings and exams on schedule ensures early detection of oral issues.

What Happens During Dental Cleanings?

Teeth cleanings are the first part of a dental visit before the dental exams. During the cleaning, one of Dr. Jenny Sisombath's dental hygienists will carefully remove plaque and tartar buildup from around the gum line and between your teeth. The hygienist follows this up with flossing and polishing to complete the cleaning.

Sometimes a fluoride treatment is added to strengthen the enamel. If signs of gum disease are present, you may need further action. A deeper cleaning, such as scaling, will help remove plaque and tartar from around the gum line. Root planing is another deep cleaning that involves smoothing out the tooth root surface to encourage gum tissues to heal and reattach to your teeth.

What Happens After Dental Cleanings?

Dr. Sisombath will discuss the findings of your oral exam after the cleaning and exam have concluded. If everything looks good, you will leave knowing that you are doing a great job with your oral health care and be encouraged to keep it up.

If there are signs of additional problems or issues, Dr. Sisombath will make recommendations for preventative care or work with you on a personalized treatment plan. Dr. Sisombath's team will review your at-home oral care to ensure you are doing everything required to get the best results.

Still Looking for Dental Cleanings Near Me? Make the Call!

Now that you understand the importance of getting your teeth cleaned, if you are still looking for dental cleanings near me, pick up the phone and call Prosper & Smile Dental Care at 469-200-434 or go to to schedule an appointment online. We are looking forward to helping you maintain that healthy smile.