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At Prosper & Smile Dental Care, we offer dental crowns and bridges to restore damaged or missing teeth to their full function and natural appearance. Dr. Sisombath will evaluate your smile's unique needs and recommend the restorative dentistry option that's right for you!

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What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns, also referred to as caps, are restorations that fully encase damaged teeth, fortifying their strength and restoring their function. At Prosper & Smile Dental Care, we offer crowns in a variety of materials. We typically recommend all-zirconia or all-porcelain crowns because of their strength, durability, and incredibly natural appearance. We also offer porcelain-fused-to-metal, gold, and silver crowns upon request.

Dental crowns are sized and contoured similar to real teeth, restoring their full function and your ability to chew with ease. Depending on the material used, they can look just like your natural teeth, blending in seamlessly with your smile.

Why Would You Require a Dental Crown?

Here's a look at some reasons Dr. Sisombath may recommend a dental crown:

Extensive Decay: Large cavities or deep decay with not enough healthy tooth structure remaining to support a filling may warrant the use of a dental crown. Your new restoration will strengthen the damaged tooth and restore its function.

Tooth Cracks: Dental crowns can cover teeth with cracks to prevent further damage. They also help alleviate the discomfort associated with a condition known as cracked tooth syndrome.

Root Canal Therapy: Teeth that have undergone root canal therapy quickly dry out and become brittle, leaving them at risk of sustaining fractures or damage. Dental crowns strengthen root canal-treated teeth and restore their form, function, and natural appearance.

Replacing Missing Teeth: Dental crowns can replace missing teeth by covering dental implants or supporting dental bridges. That will allow you to speak clearly, enjoy your favorite foods, and smile with confidence once again. 

Cosmetic Enhancements: Dental crowns can whiten severely discolored teeth that do not respond to teeth whitening, correct minor tooth misalignment, and improve the appearance of misshapen or not-so-perfect teeth. They also help close minor gaps or correct uneven spacing between teeth.

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are fixed alternatives to partial dentures designed to replace one or more adjacent teeth. They come with natural-looking replacement teeth called pontics attached to dental crowns on either side of the gap, known as retainers or abutments.

At Prosper & Smile Dental Care, we offer metal-free bridges as well as traditional ones. The tooth replacements come in the same materials as our dental crowns, with beautiful, natural-looking and feeling results.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Bridges?

Leaving a gap in your smile can devastate your oral health. The neighboring teeth may begin drifting into the space, causing misaligned teeth and problems with the bite. The imbalance caused by tooth loss can also lead to gum disease and TMJ discomfort. Replacing one or more adjacent teeth with a dental bridge will safeguard your oral health. You’ll be able to speak clearly, chew with ease, and smile with confidence once again!

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