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While maintaining proper oral hygiene practices is one of the best ways to prevent tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease, you can’t eliminate plaque or tartar deposits between your teeth and around your gum line. That’s why it’s essential to keep up with your regular dental exams and cleanings. Dr. Sisombath and her team will work alongside you to ensure you maintain a healthy smile for a lifetime!

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How Often Should You Visit the Dentist?

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), you should have regular dental visits at intervals determined by your dentist. The standard recommendation by dental professionals is that both children and adults should schedule their routine dental exams and cleanings every six months. However, patients with periodontal disease or those at a higher risk of tooth decay may require more frequent care.

Most dental insurances cover two preventive visits a year. That allows us to identify any problems as they develop while they’re still easy and affordable to treat.

What Happens During Your Dental Exam?

Here’s a look at what happens during most dental exams and cleanings:

  • Digital Dental X-Rays: We usually start by taking digital dental x-rays to reveal problems we can’t see during a clinical examination. These include decay between your teeth or below existing dental work, bone infection, bone loss, gum disease, cysts, abscesses, or development abnormalities.
  • Comprehensive Tooth Examination: We’ll evaluate your teeth and restorations to rule out decay, chips, cracks, or damaged dental work. Identifying and treating dental problems as they arise will prevent the need for extensive treatments down the road.
  • Periodontal Exam: We’ll evaluate your gum health to check for periodontal disease, the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. If we detect signs of the destructive condition, we’ll discuss a treatment and management plan to safeguard your oral health.
  • Oral Cancer Screening: These quick and painless screenings save lives. Spotting any abnormalities and treating them early on provides the best possible chance for a positive outcome.

What Happens During a Dental Cleaning?

Your dental hygienist will remove plaque and tartar buildup from around your gum line and between your teeth before flossing and polishing your pearly whites. We may also recommend a fluoride treatment to strengthen your tooth enamel and prevent decay. Dental cleanings have been shown to reduce the chance of tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath, a condition known as halitosis.

If we uncover any signs of gum disease, we will recommend a deep cleaning known as scaling and root planing. Scaling involves removing plaque and tartar from around the gum line and between the teeth. Root planing, on the other hand, involves cleaning and smoothing out the tooth root surfaces to encourage the gum tissues to heal and reattach to your teeth. 

What Happens After a Dental Exam and Cleaning?

Dr. Sisombath will share our findings with you. She may recommend preventive treatments, such as dental sealants, to protect your teeth and keep tooth decay at bay. She will create a personalized treatment plan outlining any urgent restorative procedures or preventive measures you require. Our team will also discuss your oral hygiene habits and determine whether there are areas that need improvement to maintain your healthy smile.

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