Denture technology has come a long way, with today's dentures and partials more comfortable, lightweight, and functional than ever before. Don't let tooth loss hold you back. A consultation with Dr. Sisombath will have you on your way to restoring your beautiful, confident smile!

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Complete Dentures: An Overview

Complete or full dentures replace an entire arch of missing teeth with incredibly lifelike prosthetic teeth. At Prosper & Smile Dental Care, we offer two types of complete dentures: Immediate and conventional.

Immediate Dentures: In some cases, we need to remove any remaining teeth before creating your full dentures. Immediate dentures are prepared ahead of time and positioned in your mouth right after extraction. During the healing period, the gums and jawbone will change in shape, so it's not possible to get a perfect fit for your permanent dentures right away. Immediate dentures are considered a temporary solution until your mouth is ready for conventional dentures.

Conventional Dentures: These permanent tooth replacements are made from the highest quality denture material to enhance your smile for many years to come. Your conventional dentures are custom-made for you and conform to your mouth for a perfect fit. Once in place, they look, feel, and function like your natural teeth, restoring your oral health and confident smile.

Partial Dentures: An Overview

Partial dentures restore missing teeth when natural teeth are still present. They typically consist of replacement teeth and gum-colored bases attached to supporting metal frameworks. They connect to your existing teeth using metal clasps or precision attachments.

We sometimes recommend placing crowns on your natural teeth to improve the fit of your restorations. Removable partial dentures offer an affordable tooth replacement solution to help you look better, feel better, and smile your best.

What Are the Benefits of Dentures and Partials?

Dentures and partials are the most cost-effective tooth replacement options. They help support sagging facial muscles, restore your speech, and allow you to bite and chew your favorite foods with ease once again. Today's dentures and partials are more natural-looking and feeling than just a few years ago!

Partial dentures have added benefits. They prevent the remaining teeth from shifting into the gap left by a missing tooth, which often leads to crooked teeth and problems with the bite. It's harder to clean misaligned teeth, which increases the risk of tooth decay. Moreover, the imbalance created by missing some teeth can lead to gum disease and TMJ discomfort. Partial dentures enhance your oral health and restore your beautiful, functional smile.

Will You Require Denture Adhesives?

The need for denture adhesives will depend on your denture fit as well as the bone ridge quality. If your bones are completely flat, no amount of adhesives will help provide a perfect fit. Your best option would be to see a prosthodontist or periodontist for implant-supported dentures. If, however, the bone ridge shape is adequate, denture adhesives will help, and if the bone ridge shape is ideal, you may not require adhesives at all.

If you have any concerns or your dentures don't fit the way they did, contact us for an appointment. We may need to make adjustments and may reline your dentures to restore their fit and function.

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