Dental Crowns in Celina, TX

An Overview of Dental Crowns

If you think your tooth needs extra protection because it's been damaged, or if you'd like to improve the look of a misshapen or discolored tooth, a dental crown may be the right solution. At Prosper & Smile Dental Care, we're a local resource for patients from Celina, TX who are looking for dental crowns near me. Our office is located in Prosper, just south of Celina, and our dentist, Dr. Jenny Sisombath, is ready to help you.

What Do Dental Crowns Treat?

Dr. Sismobath has extensive experience working with patients in need of dental crowns. Crowns can be used in many situations, as they can:

  • Protect teeth that are weak from decay or injury
  • Restore broken or damaged teeth
  • Cover teeth with large fillings
  • Overlay misshapen teeth
  • Cover discolored teeth
  • Protect teeth that have received root canals

A crown is also called a cap, which makes sense because it goes right over an existing tooth. It looks and feels natural, and it can enhance your appearance, help you with biting or chewing, and strengthen your tooth. Importantly, it can prevent further damage.

There are a few other situations in which Dr. Sisombath may suggest that you get a crown. A crown can also:

In these situations, the crown would be an integral part of the treatment plan from the beginning. Crowns serve functional and cosmetic roles, so they're often recommended.

What Are Crowns Made Out Of?

Crowns can be made from a variety of products. Of course, these products have all been thoroughly tested to ensure that they're safe to use as well as durable and strong. We generally recommend that our patients get all-zirconia or all-porcelain crowns because of their strength and natural appearance, but there may be some other options to consider.

The Procedure for Placing Dental Crowns

After Dr. Sisombath has determined that you're a good candidate for a crown, and once you've decided to go ahead with the treatment plan, she'll prepare your existing tooth. In some cases, a tooth needs to be built up a bit with filling material, and in other cases, it would need to be filed down. Then, an impression will be taken, and this will be used to make the crown. While it's being made, you may receive a temporary acrylic crown. When the permanent crown is finished, it will be fitted to you and checked over before being cemented in place.

Dental Crowns Near Me

When looking for dental crowns near me, you can turn to Prosper & Smile Dental Care. Call us to schedule an appointment.